custom candles

     You want to expand your brand into home fragrance, but you’re running into minimum order issues and manufacturers that expect you to come knowing everything about candles already? Welcome instead to Renegade Candles, where we pride ourselves on being the connoisseurs service of custom product manufacturing.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the candle industry. Our 15,000 sf manufacturing facility has multiple filling lines and a capacity of up to 40,000 candles per week, with the flexibility to run orders from small to very large. We’re ready to help you get into the home fragrance business and then stick with you as you grow. 

     We use a candle pouring method where the fragrance is added at the point where the wax is poured into the vessel, rather than being added into a large batch that is sitting in a hot tank for hours. This ensures that you don’t lose the high notes in the fragrance. It is the most consistent and efficient equipment available for candle making.

· Product design and development

· Unique fragrances

· Candles and melts

· Glass decoration

· Regulatory assistance

· Sourcing assistance

· Packaging development & design

· Product/Brand analysis

· Brand development

· Market research and trend forecasting

· Combustion optimization

· Formulation and stability enhancement

· Pre-production product testing