Abeille Hot Spa Lotion

Experience the Warmth


Enjoy the experience of a nature inspired hot spa encounter at home. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, this deeply hydrating lotion soothes and improves your skin and then seals in the natural moisture with beeswax. Without the greasy, sticky feeling that shea butter products leave behind, skin is left feeling smooth and silky.

Relax with the Ambiance

Lotion candle with wooden wick

 We’ve all felt the uncomfortable shock of cold lotion on warm skin. Why slap your skin with a chill when you can have a soothingly warm experience that opens pores and relaxes muscles while healing both the skin and soul.  

100% Naturally Derived Ingredients


Our ingredients include:  

Beeswaxt to provide Vitamin Aand seal in moisture. Coconut as an anti-oxidant moisturizer that makes skin glow with good health. Hemp butter imparts essential fatty and amino acids to help skin retain moisture and fight off wrinkles. Jojoba penetrates deeply and is full of nutrients like Vitamin E and B and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Candle Options

ceramic lotion vessel

 Bring this outstanding formulation to your brand. Add your fragrances to the lotion for an on-trend line extension. The ceramic pouring vessel can be customized with your color and screened art for as little as 5000 pieces. Or switch to an apothecary screw top jar or decorated tumbler for a 500 piece minimum.

Melts Options


Create melts in the traditional break apart brick or simply put your label on the lid of this disposable tin in a printed box of six tins. 

Ingredient Options

lotion candle CBD

CBD Oil can be added to enhance the Hot Spa Lotion. We have the ability to inject the oil at the fill head rather than adding it in the batch tank, minimizing any loss from evaporation.

We also offer a vegan version that does not have the beeswax.

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